After math talk

25 November 2021 001 created group «Lars» with members 001, Lars Lundquist AFK and Harry T SquidDEV Lead joined group by link from Group 09:37 Harry T ?

09:37 001 In reply to this message Hi Harry

09:37 Harry T hello

09:37 001 Yeah the dev wanted to have a chat with Lars

09:38 Harry T okay

09:38 SquidDEV Lead hello Harry

09:38 yes we need to clarify it

09:38 and move on with the project launching a new token with a different core logic

09:39 Harry T okay…

09:39 what are we going to talk to Lars about

09:40 SquidDEV Lead there are a lot of FUD and we need to clarify this first

09:40 Harry T He wanna talk or you wanna talk to him

09:40 SquidDEV Lead and then move

09:40 he wants to clarify with 001

09:40 Harry T okay

09:40 I am waiting

09:40 001 In reply to this message Sure ok I’m here

09:41 SquidDEV Lead and we give our contribution on this because I know a part of the story like you and 001 and Lars

09:41 I know for sure different users start to fud talking with him directly

09:41 001 So this is about money?

09:41 SquidDEV Lead I think yes

09:41 001 Wow ok

09:41 Let’s go ?

09:41 valdis you here bro?

09:41 SquidDEV Lead let’s wait

09:43 001 Ok

09:44 SquidDEV Lead Just give time to know about this, dont think wrong, I just asked few minutes ago and you join soon ?

09:44 001 Haha ok I have no hard feeling or any type of feeling towards Lars tbh

09:45 SquidDEV Lead I know

09:45 001 So we’re good from my side man either way is gonna work for me.

09:45 SquidDEV Lead but this shit is bad for the community and the investors

09:45 001 In reply to this message So where is he ??

09:45 SquidDEV Lead working hard and be ruined by this is not good 09:46 001 In reply to this message Yes I agree

09:52 Lars Lundquist AFK Please G_G_zzz and we can start to talk 09:52 001 In reply to this message Hey Lars

09:52 Harry T why is this have to do with her

09:52 SquidDEV Lead Hi Lars, first tell me if you are ok and you are good

09:52 001 Wait what does she have to do with all this?

09:53 Wow I hired her ?

09:53 Anyone no biggy

09:53 SquidDEV Lead then we can clarify everything and I am sure a lot was written for nothing and this is a good lesson where ppl need to talk as a team if there is any issue

09:53 001 Lars tells us man

09:53 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message Not compleatly as sadly I see some conversation have been twisted and how some this got twisted around

09:53 001 What do you want

09:53 Lars Lundquist AFK Like this info

09:53 Photo Not included, change data exporting settings to download. 591×1280, 76.8 KB

09:53 Harry T You have been sending fud dude

09:53 001 Uhm lars 09:53 Let me tell you this brother

09:53 Um not on discord

09:53 That’s a fake account

09:53 SquidDEV Lead In reply to this message sorry I dont understand this message

09:54 what is wrong there?

09:54 001 I’m not on discord

09:54 Lol

09:54 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message That’s the tags for tg and that you started changing the name tags

09:54 001 That’s not me I swear on my children’s lives

09:54 Lars Lundquist AFK Of owener ship

09:54 001 In reply to this message O yeah

09:54 Sure

09:54 That’s true why is that an issue?

09:54 SquidDEV Lead guys just write one sentence at time

09:54 lars please what is wrong in that message, sorry I dont see anything wrong there

09:54 001 Want me to put back owner?

09:54 SquidDEV Lead just explain to me

09:54 001 I’ll. Do it now 2 secs

09:55 Lars Lundquist AFK Changing to make it look like I been the owner and you where not?

09:55 001 Photo Not included, change data exporting settings to download. 591×1280, 76.9 KB

09:55 SquidDEV Lead ok

09:55 001 There

09:55 SquidDEV Lead just to clarify

09:55 Lars Lundquist AFK Again please add G_G_zzz and we can go on

09:55 SquidDEV Lead you and 001 are the owner

09:55 yes sure

09:55 001 In reply to this message I’m not the owner of anything I’m the owner of the Telegram and Twitter ?

09:55 Nothing else 09:56 SquidDEV Lead please ask GG to join

09:56 ok solving the owner problem is easy

09:56 you are both the owner because you create this

09:56 001 Yeah it’s fixed now in the Telegram

09:57 Let’s talk about what this is really about guys

09:57 Because clearly it’s now about that owner stuff right?

Like is that such a big issue?

That I change my name from owner to 001? 09:57 Lars Lundquist AFK Again I request that you add


And we can cuntinue this talk 09:58 SquidDEV Lead In reply to this message yes, could you please add her

09:58 ?

10:03 001 In reply to this message We cannot do that bro, if you wan’t to talk let’s talk

10:03 She has nothing to do with this

10:03 Explain what the reason is to add her

10:04 If you don’t wsnt to talk then we quit and move on

10:04 Lars Lundquist AFK Sorry but she a midigator meaning she helps with the talks and controls the help of conversation flow

10:04 001 In reply to this message Wow really?

10:04 In reply to this message Just tell us what you want Lars it’s not that hard


10:04 001 We’re here

10:04 Harry T geez

10:04 001 We don’t hold anything against you bro

10:04 Just tell us what you want please

10:05 Harry T You tell us what you want

10:06 SquidDEV Lead guys why we can talk the problem here?

10:06 we need to give an answer to the investors

10:06 we need to do this

10:06 Harry T You either tell us what you want or we leave the chat. 10:06 SquidDEV Lead I already decided to work for this project and everybody here have to do the same

10:06 probably Harry can decide to do or not

10:07 but me 001 and Lars we need to work on this

10:07 001 You want us to remove Harry?

10:07 Harry T I am motherfucking real

10:07 001 valkyria?

10:07 In reply to this message It’s no issue ? 001 removed Harry T 10:08 001 Ok Harry is gone ?

10:09 Lars Lundquist AFK I dident ask you to remove Harry I asked you to ad some one

10:09 SquidDEV Lead ok Lars, please

10:09 can you tell me what you need?

10:09 just talk about the problem

10:10 Lars Lundquist AFK Nothing other than add her to the group dident ask for Harry to be kicked out

10:10 SquidDEV Lead ok

10:10 I think this was the issue as GG wrote me

10:10 001 Just tell us what you want man, it’s very simple bro?‍♂ adding her is ridiculous bro.

This has nothing to do with Harry or GG this is between us 3.

If you don’t want to do this we move on.

10:11 SquidDEV Lead if you want

10:11 we can start to say what we want

10:11 001 I don’t have time for this man.
Just tell us what you want that’s it

10:11 SquidDEV Lead I will start

10:11 001 Ok

10:12 SquidDEV Lead I’d like to clarify what happen because ppl have concerns and we need to design something for them

10:12 and we take the responsability to do this

10:12 we have multiple options and these options were discussed by voice chat with Harry

10:12 that’s why I asked to put Harry here

10:13 so he can explain what happen before this caos

10:13 but don’t worry just start on basic and then we move on

10:14 there is this point that I dont know, can you confirm that you were upset because you dont take the money from the marketing wallet?

10:14 because the fees was already fixed in the beginning

10:15 and I dont understand this point

10:18 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message No I where concerned where they started to go…
I where concerned that the section send to me dissapired suddently when I where getting ready to pay a tiktokker 7k for a massive tiktok movement even after information had been given about what I where doing…
Concerned that the is an major issue in trusts as secrets been keept and stories been told such as these wallets that I know are Rey’s but he keeps saying are not that I sendt to him multihull times …
That he then goes after me for selling one of my wallets of when he sold for 37k at ath around and being after me for taking 25k out to start one of my adventures..
Concerned how chats started to get deleted and messeges deleted that ray had talked in and written in different chats

10:18 SquidDEV Lead ok

10:18 is a lot

10:18 and personally I dont know this details

10:18 Lars Lundquist AFK That’s sadly o it a fractio

10:18 SquidDEV Lead but It’s not something in my resp

10:19 if you do this for the marketing

10:19 I am fine

10:19 can I ask you something about this?

10:19 Lars Lundquist AFK Offcors

10:19 SquidDEV Lead why dont talk from the beginninng

10:19 if you dont like this

10:19 ?

10:19 I wasnt aware about this

10:19 I just see you always happy and positive

10:20 when it’s happen this? in the last week when I was out?

10:20 Lars Lundquist AFK I hinted it to ray a couple of times but he said he worked for you and that you had the controll of every thing…
When I did talk with you I basicly got attracted as a result of my frustrations first said not to talk with you then to talk with you

10:20 In reply to this message Before sadly

10:20 SquidDEV Lead I think this is miscomunnication

10:20 I trust all of you

10:20 Lars and 001

10:20 because you are my partner

10:21 if someone come to me and say something wrong, I dont care I will figure out directly with you

10:21 but this can be fixed

10:21 easily

10:21 if you think there is something wrong

10:21 I dont care if is true or not I want to see you happy to work with us

10:21 Lars Lundquist AFK Well deletion of chats is a major issue makes it looks more as there are things to hide

10:22 SquidDEV Lead ok

10:22 now it was done

10:22 we cannot blame but we can ask that in the future never happen again

10:22 because if you dont like this just tell and say “please don’t do that”

10:23 I dont know all the expense and I trust you on what you managed

10:24 Lars Lundquist AFK And issue is for the multisig when we where descussing that I where in talks whit a shiller and we had miscommunication of information and yeah where my foult I dident see it proper so that the shillers address got added to the multisig wallet…
This is an issue from my side but as I seen now it’s been twisted around as thou I been doing fraud

10:24 SquidDEV Lead but the result is what community is asking 10:24 In reply to this message I know this story but it was fixed good 10:25 the community just see the result like a good marketing

10:25 and this unfortunately didn’t happen

10:25 and ppl start to FUD

10:25 DM asking what are you doing

10:25 Lars Lundquist AFK I haven’t had access to any marketing funds for some time…
And the once I did we sendt to different influencers that then seams as they sold directly when got it and made there videos at this time we had squid comming out and making a major issue the last marketing funds that where sendt out where for tiktokkers that where agreed with me ray and frog to use

10:26 SquidDEV Lead I received private message with ppl say you take money for a new flat and I answer back that it’s not true but I dont knoe the detials

10:26 but I trust Lars

10:26 these kind of messages are before last week for a while because ppl is crazy

10:26 they want you to talk everyday

10:26 they trust you

10:26 Lars Lundquist AFK I sold one of my privat wallets that I bough from start to open a company up

10:26 SquidDEV Lead they fell confortable when you can talk with them

10:27 Lars you didnt nothing wrong here

10:27 lars dont be sad, yiu did right

10:27 because we didnt take money like a private sale

10:27 and ofc this money are for us according to what we put in the website

10:27 when ppl start to FUD and ask me to abandon the project 10:28 I just say NO

10:28 i have the proof of this

10:28 but I didnt talk with you about this beccause are bullshit

10:28 Lars Lundquist AFK So tell me thou what happened on the buyback this is where it where wow for me…
And I pushed compleatly away

10:29 SquidDEV Lead the buyback was performed as requested, I was contrary to do at this level as you know

10:29 but I executed anyway

10:29 i can spend hours to explain why but basically what happen is visible

10:29 doing a 50K buyback and add liquidity doesnt help to stabilize the price

10:29 when we add the liquidity ppl start to sold hard

10:30 Lars Lundquist AFK I know but this is where I seen 3 major wallets sell one that always where on contact with the contract frogs seed wallet and on of rays extra wallets or two of them that is still being denied is his

10:30 SquidDEV Lead no

10:30 this is nt exactly what happen

10:30 you weren’t in the chat

10:31 Lars Lundquist AFK I where I. My shop but looking at chat…
I looked at the sells and wallets thou this is the problem that came I looked at the wallets that sold

10:32 SquidDEV Lead In reply to this message we sold also our token like you did and mantain the big amount of SGpro (4Billion) inside the wallet

10:32 In reply to this message Lars you probably reached by THM 10:32 or something called like this name

10:32 this fucking idiot

10:32 start to begging me about his NFT project

10:32 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message No I seen it my self on the buyback that’s the issue

10:33 SquidDEV Lead please Lars show me the transaction because I know ecactly what happen

10:33 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message I know but then why ray keeps denying he ever sold anything this is where it is

10:33 SquidDEV Lead someone start to sell big chunk

10:33 and this was exactly what I said to dont do that

10:33 001 was in the chat asking ppl to hold

10:33 and other wallets, not him, start to sell hard

10:34 Lars Lundquist AFK Have to get them again as they are not on my phone but on computer togeather with full chat conversations with ray from day one

10:34 SquidDEV Lead ok but you know that we changed the protocol 10:34 001 In reply to this message So Lars what is the value of tokens if I can’t sell them? ?‍♂

10:34 SquidDEV Lead we started to convert the SGpro in BUSD like the protocol

10:35 you know this

10:35 you received BUSD as well as the other

10:35 this BUSD is coming from a selling diretly from the protocol 10:36 and splitted in the wallets according to the percentage

10:36 it is from the beginning

10:36 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message Issue is not that it’s selling them on a buyback that’s for the community

10:36 001 In reply to this message Not true

10:36 SquidDEV Lead not true Lars

10:36 001 Those nfts are ours

10:36 We made them

10:36 SquidDEV Lead our money are still in the Deployer

10:36 Lars Lundquist AFK I am not talking about nfts

10:36 SquidDEV Lead 4Billions are there

10:36 001 No one puts all the money the nfts they made back into a project

10:37 In reply to this message O ok

10:37 SquidDEV Lead still visibile

10:37 we discuss with Harry to burn this amount of token

10:37 BEFORE the fud

10:37 Lars Lundquist AFK And I have to get to work now yeah still working 3 jobs sorry

10:37 SquidDEV Lead you werent there

10:37 Lars I know that you are busy

10:37 but we need to close this

10:37 because ppl want answer

10:37 and I want to know

10:37 001 Alright so please guys what’s the solution. Here we can go on about this forever he did this he sold he told everyone to sell bla bla bla ?

What’s the solution guys

10:38 SquidDEV Lead if you DM ppl saying I am out please dump everything

10:38 this is the big issue

10:38 if you say something like this

10:38 ppl trust you

10:38 and they start to be scared

10:38 but please tell me what you want

10:38 Lars Lundquist AFK I’ll send the wallets here the sells from buy back a littel later

10:39 SquidDEV Lead Lars

10:39 these initial wallets are not from our team

10:39 I already verified

10:41 you dont tell us what you want, I want you back, I want to put the token on the community when we are launching the fix on this protocol

10:41 this was my proposal

10:42 and I confirmed here, 001 already said it’s fine and also Harry said he want to invest more

10:42 001 In reply to this message I’m fine with that?

11:28 Lars Lundquist AFK sorry for the wait so these are the wallets interconected with each other dev wallet rays wallets and frog wallet these are the major sells on the buy back that has me up and about when i seen these

Wallet interacting with contract

Rey interconected wallets

Frog wallet

13:08 Lars Lundquist AFK @Contestant001SquidGamePro stay in this chat dont go into my dms stay here and say the things you send me in dms instead

13:09 001 In reply to this message Nope

13:10 SquidDEV Lead guys calm down

13:10 Lars Lundquist AFK Photo Not included, change data exporting settings to download. 1280×720, 118.2 KB

13:10 SquidDEV Lead we need to push the plan in the main chat 13:11 ppl are asking and they are supporting us

13:12 001 In reply to this message Im good, yes let’s do it.
I’m done here ?‍♂

13:23 Listen Lars it’s very simple you come back or you don’t.
The rest is not worth our time to talk about.

We’re working and are trying to fix the games and project.

You wan’t to continue go ahead.

But you left not us you said you didn’t care about a kyc because you was going to Ukraine anyway.

This is all on you not on us.

For the tax we didn’t pay you because you wasnt working you wasn’t doing anything tbh.

And we was constantly working our ass of whole you was busy with God knows what.

Just move on if that’s what you want, but everyhting you did you brought on yourself we didn’t force you to do anything all of this is on you not on us.

We’re here fighting and working for the community and make them happy.

While you are on the other side dming everyone telling them sell.

Im not an owner only of the chat and Twitter that’s it the dev is the owner of the contracts and you are the owner of the domains.

It’s all very simple.

I will treat you like anyone else who’s asks us about this which is fud trying to ruin a project and make people lose money.

If you where a man then you should have let everyone else sell and then you sell.

But you didn’t.

You sold and then went after everyone and tell them to sell.

The damage you have done to yourself and a lot of investors is 100 times worse than what me or the dev ever did.

So please you have nothing to demand or say to us.

You left us and were still here.

Do what you want but we have a project to save now thanks to you.

So I wish you the best of luck in the future it was nice knowing you and good luck.

13:25 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message you can say what you like but this question sadly still remains on awsered from you so i dont se where we are ableto go if avoidance of questions is where it goes

13:26 SquidDEV Lead by request is simple. can we work and fix this project?

13:26 I am still working and answering ppl

13:26 but I cannot alone

13:26 I am not forcing you to work

13:27 I am just asking if it’s possible

13:27 Lars Lundquist AFK i dont trust ray sadly this is where i sadly stand and it is the hardest one to ignore

13:27 SquidDEV Lead dont trust everybody Lars

13:27 me either

13:27 I am looking on how to put what the community wants

13:27 and after that I am done

13:28 if they want to continue to work on this we will have different rules

13:28 for sure I am not getting money at the end

13:28 I can blame also but now my focus is on doing the right things for the community not for me

13:28 Harry invested additional money

13:28 I spoke with him

13:29 I hear his voice

13:29 he said please do this and do that

13:29 and he agree on all the major step

13:29 and I want to involve you on this

13:29 because for me nothing changed

13:30 but please check to be calm and not emotional. I think the time will give all the answer especially when where we dont have clarity

13:30 but you can find an answer only if you want to do another project

13:30 actually we dont have this deal

13:30 we just want to do this right

13:30 explain the community

13:30 and for me will be the last activity

13:30 we changed so many time for them

13:30 so many hours of my work wasted

13:30 and I did right

13:31 the only issue is always the same

13:31 no more ppl into this project

13:31 and not the right marketing for a difficult event like the squid game scam token

13:31 Lars Lundquist AFK for me a loot changed sadly..
when i seen that transactions durirng the buy back my hearth whept for the community..
i where in shock and ave it hurth deep down i have so many people i know that invested and thats what made that even more hearth breakingfor me to see it kiled me compleatly..
and when then some one i ask directly with his own wallet address denies it and turns it over and says why dont you ask the dev.
and tries to send it onto the next person instead of looking at him self the trust is compleatly broken

13:31 001 In reply to this message Exactly

13:32 SquidDEV Lead In reply to this message Lars i dont undestand this point

13:32 you sold everythign, the ppl sold everything

13:32 001 It’s all good in done here, again I’m not an owner of anything so. There is no reason for me to be here I work I get paid and thats it.

13:32 SquidDEV Lead and what you are or the other are blaming 13:32 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message the poinbts are here sadly

13:32 001 Please leave me out of this lol

13:33 SquidDEV Lead do you understand that these “friends” ask only to put liquidity for dumping?

13:33 we said to add the liquidity in a specific condition like the 8M Mcap

13:33 and these guys start ti fud

13:33 I know one of them

13:33 that started to fud on you

13:33 and I replied it’s not true

13:33 I never, never sent back this to your shoulders

13:34 so why you dont came to talk with us first to bring false allegation

13:34 especially when we during the buyback we saw what is happenning

13:34 nobody really was there for the projhect

13:34 Lars Lundquist AFK every one is parranoid on red thats the thing..
but ray did spend 2 houers in VC saying somthing els setting all on my sholders and accusing me of fraud thatsthe massive issue already there

13:34 SquidDEV Lead just for mane money from them

13:34 ok Lars

13:34 but we receive a lot of messge as well

13:34 from fugaku

13:35 Lars Lundquist AFK as did i so

13:35 SquidDEV Lead telling other ppl dont real things

13:35 so do you want to continue to blame for this, I can blame also, I decided to just work on what we agree

13:35 and I am doing this alone if necessary

13:35 because they put their faith in this project and I always delivered what I promised

13:36 I cannot say the same for other expectation

13:36 so they know if I say something I am going to do

13:36 but for the decision made wasnt mine decision

13:36 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message i will gladly send all the domains directly over to you as your contract is amazing…
so you have the domains and can use as you like for your work for your hard work

13:36 SquidDEV Lead I dont want this

13:36 you probably dont understand why I am asking you to join 13:36 because this is your porject

13:37 and you take this as responsability and i am here to help

13:37 I can do like mostly ppl ask me to do

13:37 just close everything and luanch another one

13:37 I am not doing this

13:37 I am still here working on this

13:37 thinking how to fix. this

13:37 and agreed with the community

13:37 this is the third time now

13:37 and the last

13:37 after that I am fine

13:40 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message sadly no i dont fell its my project i fell its rays and he said its yours so i dont feel like i am part of the project..

about 3 weeks i asked ray to show me who he is so i know and he dident want to meaning a projject inside you are not trusting one another already there..

trust is the foundation of team work.
and i feel the trust dinstance in betwine the conveniance of our team is not there…
a loot of people wrote me and warned me about ray i wont mention any names but i see now why…
i see why they dont trust him and got a bad wibe of him..
a loot of questions that where asked that where not bad where directly banned by ray in chat random questions about marketing wallets about how the contracts works and plenty of other questions that where asked the people got banned for asking by him..

i rather send you the direct domains so you have them under your control andreas so you have them in your name

13:42 001 In reply to this message Dude wtf

13:42 Come on man

13:42 If ours bro

13:43 But what the dev does in terms of taxation has nothing to do with me.

Im not a coder bro.

Like wtf why am I constantly the bad guy lol.

I only own the Telegram and Twitter account and work my fucking ass off to help the dev in anyway I can bro

13:43 Like why am I the bad guy

13:44 You don’t need to trust me you need to trust the dev and his coding and what he gives us from the tax

13:44 Idk what this is bro but your looking for ways to get out or blame others constantly man

13:44 Just tell me what you want bro I have no idea why you keep going on about all of this bro

13:45 This isn’t about trust

13:45 It’s about work

13:45 And you left us our there to rot after the first 2 weeks

13:45 Lars Lundquist AFK sadly ray you need to trust every one in your team always with the trust not there the devidance of fear and issues start this is where it has brought us today that the trust is not there..
i all work trust is a foundation to build on always to work togeather to know that you can trustthe person you are working togeather with..
sorry i been back stabbed one to many times in my life to keep going that way as i always want to help others…

13:45 001 Thats the reason we didn’t give you more from the tax.

I said talk to the dev numerous times but you didn’t

13:46 Nothing if this is on me

13:46 I want results

13:46 If there aren’t any your out

13:46 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message actuarly i dident as i been in chat while in ukraine i got covid i where bed written like hell i came on on cam pale as hell even

13:46 001 Bro

13:46 Tell me do you wsnt back in yes or no

13:46 It’s very simple

13:46 If not no problem

13:46 If yes your welcome

13:46 The dev codes what we get not me.
Tell him and he will fix it

13:47 Why is it always me

13:47 Lars Lundquist AFK i dont i really dont i dont have the trust to you

13:47 001 I don’t understand this shit

13:47 In reply to this message Idc

13:47 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message your the mediator thatsthe thing

13:47 001 That’s not what this is about

13:47 Lol

13:47 In reply to this message Nope wrong I’m not

13:47 I got you in

13:47 I got Simone in

13:47 I got Gerda in

13:47 I got crypto frog in

13:48 But that doesn’t mean I decide it or tell what everyone gets 13:48 That’s between you and the dev

13:48 Period

13:48 All of this seems like you just want an easy way out or someone to blame

13:49 Lars Lundquist AFK actuarly no we meet in another chat and we talked you dident get me in we sat there togeather and you sadi you had a dev..
so we started working..
but i dont want back in if i cant trust a person i work with ray i cant work with the person the toxisity will be overwhelming and hurth the project

13:49 001 What if I post the screenshot now on Twitter of you saying to me and the dev that you didn’t care about the kyc or doxx and that you was going to Ukraine anyway ?‍♂

13:49 Cause that’s what it comes down to at the end of the day

13:49 We didn’t tell you to do anything

13:49 You chose this not us

13:49 And we’re sirll here trying to fcking work

13:49 While your on the other side trying to take us down

13:50 For what man

13:50 So stupid

13:50 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message even when there i still have all my socials..
go ahead post it ray if thas how you feel and what you want

13:50 001 In reply to this message I’m. Not you know why

13:50 Because I’m not. Like you

13:50 I’m different

13:50 I care about people actually and want them to do well

13:50 And work for them

13:51 Your just thinking about yourself

13:51 Lars Lundquist AFK then why would you say you would?
thats the basics of things a treath is still a treath even if not done.. 13:51 001 It’s your mess not ours

13:51 Go do what you want brother.

But leave us out of this.

We’re gonna take this project back past ath just wait and see

13:51 I wish you the best of luck man

13:51 Lars Lundquist AFK you as well ray

13:51 001 No. Hard feelings here

13:51 Ty Lars

13:51 In reply to this message Animation Not included, change data exporting settings to download. 114.3 KB

13:53 Please give the dev acces to the domains brother that’s the last thing I will ask of you and if you ever need anything we’re here ? 13:55 Lars Lundquist AFK he has he has the password there is only an added 2fa on it when he needs i will send the code at that time to him this is no stress..
but i rather send him the full domain and transfare it over to his wished server or area

13:56 well more transfare it all into his power so he has the full access to the domains at any time he wishes for it

13:56 001 In reply to this message Ok you want me to post a statement in the main chat again because they will love you for giving us the domains back bro ? like this.

We’re not here to rug blame or scam anyone bro I swear on my kids we just want to work and making everyone money.

Cause let’s be honest bro we changed a lot of lives and now it our goal to continue this.

13:56 We’re also gonna allocate a % of the tax to buy back burn asap 13:57 001 001 24.11.2021

21:49:06 Well the official statement is, shit happens in crypto we don’t blame Lars for anything or anyone else.

He left and that’s that.
We bought a new domain and will transition all of It over.
As Lars was the person who bought the previous domain.

Nothing changed in our opinion, the builders in the team are still here and we are already working on solutions.

Price is down that’s what weak hands do and fud.

Selling wallets not ours very simple.

We don’t earn SGPro from the tax the team gets busd.
So that’s basically your answer for the dump allegations.

We’re here and working hard.

13:57 001 Look we siad you are not to blame bro ?‍♂

13:57 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message i seen it already yeah

13:57 well thats maybe somthing to descuss also inside the team as the new team member you added directly gave me treaths so

13:58 In reply to this message this sounds great to alocato to burn yeah

13:58 001 Bro listen 1

3:58 Lars Lundquist AFK In reply to this message offcors i will send the dev the full domain and give him all acces i wanted this from the start offcors i dont say this but i wanted andreas to have domain acces full all the way

14:01 001 If you want back in please do it.
We can discuss right now what you get and what all of us get.

It’s absolutely no issue I like you a lot Lars I’m not gonna lie.

But I guess we’re both to stubborn to lead togheter.

If we make the correct plans now and never ever change them in any way and have the dev confirm this.

We’re golden whenever one of us does something thats not right that person is out.

If I do soemthing wrong I’ll step down myself.

I just want to make money and support the dev bro.

We will never ever ever have this opportunity in life again.

Please take some time to think about it.

I want you back the dev wants you back.

That’s it.

We discuss now or we split everything equally

14:01 The marketing wallet is still there brother

14:01 I didn’t touch it

14:01 Half went to the dev for the CG trending and we got it back. 14:02 We can do it right this time and make a deal on what everyone gets and never ever change it or discuss it again

14:02 The dev will listen to you and me not only me bro

14:05 Lars Lundquist AFK sorry ray we cant work togeather as mentioned before we dont have a full trust to each other..
we have an amazing dev indeed but after all this i cant work togeather with you any more we have differences of oppenions and we dont have trust at all..
for me we wont be able to work sorry.
there has been to many unstable events trough this month..
and i am loosing what hair i have left ? sorru had to set that one in there.
for us to have the trust a loot of things would have to change and thats meaning you would also have to doxx your self for the future.
sorry i cant work with you ray.
it dosent mather of oppertunaties of a life time or not.
offcors i will look at the future things the dev do as wow he has insane coding somthing i never seen before.
but i cant work with you sorry

14:06 as soon as the dev knows where he wants me to send or set the webpages for him as there are 4 domains in there for him to play with..
i would love to send them to the destination of his choice

14:24 SquidDEV Lead guys calm down ???

14:25 I was out for a while, the purpose of this chat is to have clarity on same topics

14:25 dont blame

14:25 Lars I tell you something, take your time

14:25 if you want to join you are welcome

14:25 the same for gerda and simone

14:26 now it’s your turn

14:26 your decision

14:26 we dont came back on this again

14:26 we are working to do right, dont trust the statement, I told you from the beginning, remember this

14:27 you just say I trust you what you are going to do and I did exactly what I said.

14:27 so take your time

14:27 and I am going to ask Simone and Gerda to come, if they want they are welcome as well

14:27 if they dont want

14:27 fine

14:27 just think about this and not overreact

14:29 Lars Lundquist AFK thank you andreas i would have to think about it really hard and carefull to be honnest there are some major stand points that makes it harded than you can imagine and would have to take a solitary concencus of understand with in the are of the talks and other aspects into concideration upon the different talks and sets.
but i would love most to be able to send you the domain ownership to hand them over to you to begin with so you have the full controll of future domain usage and all

14:29 SquidDEV Lead if you decide to come you need to work as well as we need ppl

14:29 these point can be easily solved

14:29 you dont need to send the domain

14:29 I trust you

14:29 I tell you this with action

14:30 so dont send me anything

14:30 you need to do the same, piece by piece but I have to work and work hard

14:30 I cannot spent so much time on this, I care a lot of this but I cant spend this resource for this

14:30 you know why

14:30 I have to code and design a lot fo things

14:31 and everything is good for the community and for us also, also for you

14:31 if you join and give support

14:31 could be good because we need help

14:31 alone I can do less

14:32 Lars Lundquist AFK okay but you do needthe full acces in any openion tothe domains..
i know you do andreas the code is amazing and somthing els…
its a brain child come from exstrodanary mind i know.
but i would have to think about being there as i dont feel that i have the trust you have and i cant sit there and be when i have trusst issue with the people i work with i am sorry.
i will think about it but cant promiss anything

14:33 SquidDEV Lead ok, just keep this on hold

14:33 if I need I will ask

14:33 Lars Lundquist AFK sure

14:33 SquidDEV Lead but please also check what we are doing

14:33 because the actions are there

14:34 Lars Lundquist AFK sorry i dont know where to look for thous actions and check waht your doing so

14:34 SquidDEV Lead in the chat ofc and the website

14:35 Lars Lundquist AFK sorry i am not in the chat and i cant join at this time in the space..
but i will get fugaku to close down the discord compleatly after also saying that we have had talks and come upon a mutual understand of different areas of conversation and the discord will be closed down 12 houer after the conversation

14:36 SquidDEV Lead one point you agree on

14:36 we need to close the fud

14:36 Lars Lundquist AFK so that there will be no more talks out side the Tg chat..
and chat there will still be frozeen so no one can say or do anything 14:36 SquidDEV Lead because if I am working to give a better protocol

14:36 Lars Lundquist AFK indeed yeah and accusations and such as well

14:36 In reply to this message you need pease of mind yes

14:36 SquidDEV Lead and ppl start blame for nothing I will close this explain clearly

14:36 I cannot continue to work alone

14:37 I am not telling here name or chat of ppl that DM … also fugaku

14:37 because we dont have time

14:37 if I can fix this

14:37 if I can have what we really need

14:37 a good community with a good marketing

14:38 then we have time to discuss

14:38 Lars Lundquist AFK indeed we will get it sorted out so that you wont have more head ache from my side andreas so that you can work well and have peace in mind

14:38 SquidDEV Lead but actually we are putting too much energy on this

14:38 you are doing 3 jobs and you cant afford this

14:38 me either

14:38 Lars Lundquist AFK indeed it takes time indeed

14:38 SquidDEV Lead and if there is any issue, i dont think so, i dont care

14:38 because can be solved

14:38 so I am not worried about this

14:38 I am worried about time

14:39 and more time pass more bad is the project

14:39 Lars Lundquist AFK wewill get set the information out that we descussed and have solvedit internaly the issues andwe will close down all the chats dfrom discord and delete the things fugaku set up 14:39 SquidDEV Lead we just need to turnaround the project

14:39 I suggest dont make announcement like this, just close this and keep on building

14:39 what do you think ppl care about this project?

14:39 the quality of the code

14:39 or your face? no they only care to make money

14:40 some are real supporters

14:40 but the majority what to put 100$ and earn 100M

14:40 like fugaku

14:40 I hope so for everyone

14:40 Lars Lundquist AFK thats often how it is

14:40 SquidDEV Lead but cannot blame if it not happen

14:40 or there is the right ingredient

14:40 actually we need a good influecners

14:40 we had crypto frog

14:40 Lars Lundquist AFK but yes lets get back to our work and close these issuesdown compleatly

14:41 SquidDEV Lead and basically his influence bring a lot of attention

14:41 we need to say thank you for this

14:41 Lars Lundquist AFK it did yes

14:41 SquidDEV Lead and I dont blame him for nothing

14:41 he did right and his job

14:41 and he deserve the money that he got

14:41 so let’s work on this

14:41 Lars Lundquist AFK well we never said anything bad about him as i know

14:41 SquidDEV Lead this is what I asked

14:42 In reply to this message i didnt say this

14:42 is an example

14:42 Lars Lundquist AFK ag okay

14:42 SquidDEV Lead we need good marketing

14:42 my code is useless without this

14:42 and I am not doing marketing

14:42 I hope I can have help on this

14:42 Lars Lundquist AFK but yeah you need to work and have the work dont you need to do..
and i will get to my work and service my clients

14:42 SquidDEV Lead right

14:43 thanks man

14:43 take care and think about this

14:43 Lars Lundquist AFK cheers andreas take care

14:43 will do.

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